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You can Only Feel as if You Were a Sultan in Edirne Being The City of Sultans

In these lands ruled by the Ottoman Empire for a long period of time, such as 624 years, Edirne, which had the honor of being the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period of magnificent works were signed. These historical treasures was generally built during Sultan II. Murat's reign. So much so that even the Palace Bath was a structure used by the courtiers before, and then it was opened to the public.

Edirne: Second Capital City

Edirne is known as the ’city of the Sultans' ... I. Murat, Sultan Yıldırım Beyazit, II. Murat, Fatih Sultan Mehmet (born in Edirne), Sultan II. Beyazid, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, Sultan II. Osman and IV. Murat, Many Sultans, such as Sultan II. Mustafa (born in Edirne), gave this city a second capital city feature. Inns, baths, mosques and fountains were built in the 15th and 16th centuries in the city, which was the capital for the first time in the 14th century.

Most of the Baths of Edirne that have survived to the present day also belong to the period of Sultan II. Murat (1421-1451). Although there are still remains of Ghazi Mihal Bath, Janissary Bath and Beylerbeyi(Governor) Bath which are mostly located at the foot of the Tunca River, The Palace Bath, Sokullu Bath and Mezit Bey Bath have survived to the present day and are still in use. Now we will give you information about the baths used by the people of Edirne in their daily lives.

Saray Bath

After the conquest of Edirne, The palace was built here for the first time in 1365 by order of Sultan I.Murad Khan. The Palace Bath, which was built in connection with the palace, was later opened to the public and was dedicated to Selimiye. Some historians attribute the survival of this bath to the fact that it was used during the construction years of the Selimiye Mosque.

Suleyman Çelebi mentioned in the history books about this bath, which is used by the people of the palace and their companions. Çelebi writes that his brother Musa Çelebi came and raided one day while he was having fun in the Palace Bath, and that Suleyman was killed on his way to escape.…

The bath, which has been closed since the Balkan War, was recently restored and reopened. This bath, with its entrances in different directions, serves both women and men. The Palace Bath, an Ottoman heritage, is the ideal place to relax after a long journey. You don't have to take anything with you, you can get everything here.

Address: Meydan Mah., 22020 Central / Edirne

Sokullu Bath

Sokullu Mehmet Pasha, the famous Ottoman Grand Vizier known for his love of Edirne, had this bath built. This historic bath, which bears the signature of Sinan the Architect, was built in the 16th century and added to the integrity of the mosque with three balconies complex. Although it was owned as private property, it is still in use. The entrances of the women's and men's sections are in separate directions.

Address: Çavuşbey, 22000 Edirne Central / Edirne

Mezit Bey Bath

The Hammam of Mezit Bey, located southwest of the Selimiye Mosque and northeast of the Old Mosque, was built by Mezit Bey, who was martyred in Wallachia in 1442. The hammam, whose walls made up of cut stone and brick and covered with a trumped dome, became a private property when it was the property of the foundation. It is the simplest one of Edirne baths, because only men are served.

Address: Meydan, 22000 Central / Edirne


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