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Edirne with Numbers

Edirne with Numbers

Edirne, which had been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for many years, was always referred as “second Payitaht” until the establishment of the state of the Republic of Turkey, had a population of 413 thousand 903 according to the last census. 210,304 people with 50,81 percent of the city's population consists of men and 203,599 people with 49,19 percent consists of women.

According to this, the number of people per square kilometer of Edirne, which has a surface area of 6,279 kilometers, is 68. It is located at 41 degrees 40 minutes 37.6752 seconds north latitude and 26 degrees 33 minutes 20.5776 seconds east longitude.

There are 24 districts and 37 villages in the Central District of Edirne, which has nine districts named Enez, Havsa, Ipsala, Keşan, Lalapaşa, Meriç, Süloğlu and Uzunköprü.

Located on the highway connecting Turkey to Europe, the city's climate, which is shaped according to its geographical location, bears traces of the temperate climate belt of the Mediterranean and contains the cold of the continental climate of Central Europe. Accordingly, the Mediterranean climate is seen in the years when the winter seasons are warm and rainy, while the Central European climate belt remains under the influence of the very hard and cold winter months are observed. Edirne's highest temperature ever measured is 41.5 degrees Celsius, with average temperature values calculated as 13.4 degrees Celsius during the year. The average annual rainfall is 585.9 millimeters and the average humidity of the city during the year is 70 percent.

The vegetation is mainly composed of Ergene Basin and around the 57 percent of Edirne territory, while agriculture is 14 percent pasture and Meadow parts. Only 4 percent of Edirne, which consists of 25 percent of the city and forests, is unfit for cultivation. Edirne's license plate number is 22 and its telephone code is 284.



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