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Reasons to Travel to Edirne

Edirne should not be left without seeing “the inscription of the Old Mosque, the gate of Üç Şerefeli(Three minaret balconies), the structure of Selimiye” according to people from Edirne! Here are reasons which constitute a road from here to Edirne!

  • A History Is Stored In Each Step

The open-air museum-like structures of Edirne, which host many civilizations from the Romans to the Ottomans, allow you to take a concept tour of the city.

  • I Don't Call The Peppers Hot, After I Taste The Pepper Here.

Neither Albanian Pepper and Urfa Pepper nor Green Pepper of Hatay ... I claim there is no such hot pepper! A hot that makes the one who is eating, and the one who is not eating regretful.

  • Tasting The Flavour Is An Enough Reason

This city is full of mythical tables where the one who does not like the liver will be a regular, wordbook of the one who craves for the sweet will change ... Especially if you grasp the idea that ‘bread is the staff of life.’ like me, once, you can even travel just to eat.

  • Seeing Selimiye Before One Dies

Selimiye Mosque done when Sinan the Architect's 80-year-old and call it as ‘my masterwork!', standing for over 500 years... It has not been damaged even like the slightest scratch from the earthquakes all these years and still the secret of the reverse tulip motif has not been solved ... To find some peace in this mosque, which is even paramount than Hagia Sophia, is really priceless.

  • World's Oldest Hospital

We have the honor of being the founder of the oldest psychiatric hospital in the world. We owe it to II.Beyazid. In this hospital, which was built between 1484 and 1488 and was one of the most important health centers of the time, patients were treated with the sound of water and music in different places, which received the European Museum Award in 2004. The acoustics of the Beyazid Complex are also nowhere else. Because the music concerts, which are given three days a week by the music group consisting of 10 people, can be listened to easily from all sides of the building without reverberating.

  • Does Anyone Who Has Not Taken A Picture At Elm Train Station?

Edirne Railway Station, The Gateway of Istanbul to Europe, was built in the 19th century. It's hard to find the one who still doesn't show up at the site of a steam train and take a picture. Because when you see the locomotive, you have to go back to the old days and do nostalgia...

  • Meriç River Expedition

Here you can rent a bike and take a stroll along the river; you can enjoy the beauty of nature with pleasure and peace as you lay out what you bring with you.

  • Land of The Wrestlers

Those who say’ our wrestlers are nowhere to be seen', no they are all here.... Every year since 1346, Kırkpınar field, which is located opposite the Old Palace in Edirne at the end of June, is full of people who come to watch the wrestlers... Hear ye, Hear ye!!!

  • Balkan War Bastıons And Hero Şükrü Pasha

Seeing Şükrü Pasha and his monument, which defended Edirne during the Balkan War, will refresh your history. Believe me, it's going to be a wonderful journey that will give you the creeps!

  • Participating In Colorful Festivals of Friendly Edirne People

Kakava & Hıdrellez, Kırkpınar Week Events, Bocuk Night, Edirne Halva Conversations, Bando and Liver Festival are too numerous to be counted... This city is very colorful, very fun and has an upbeat music ! Well what are you waiting for.


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