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Who are The Famous People From Edirne?

Dynamic, being important in terms of architecture and history, as well as a natural beauty Edirne having full of famous people are listed for you. You'll be surprised who's from Edirne when you read it.

Cem Adrian

Cem Adrian is from Edirne, who takes you to other lands with the harmony in his voice, leaves you in the lap of love and loneliness, and finally calls you towards a beautiful world because he does not want you to stay there.

Drahshan Arda

Drahşan Arda, who has written her name in golden letters by FIFA as “the world's first female referee”, is also one of the most important figures in Edirne's art and artist smelly lands.

Muazzez Ersoy

“Oh, my Lord! What kind of beautiful voice is that?! Muazzez Ersoy, who is one of the most important and powerful representatives of Turkish Art Music, who is not satisfied with listening with her cries, is of course the beauty of Edirne, sir.

Nurı Alço

As the villain of the Yeşilçam Cinema in Turkey, Nuri Alço, who shows that he has a heart like cotton with his help and modesty, is also one of the good-looking ones in Edirne.

Müge Anlı

The reason that today's adolescents suppress their desire to run away from home and stay at the knees of their parents, their brains, “if I run away, I would definitely find by Müge Anlı." She is our lady from Edirne who is very talented, brave, and very beautiful. We'll pay our respects and move on to our new celebrity. - By the way, we don't want to run away.we want to travel.-

Rafet El Roman

Rafet El Roman, a talented, handsome and famous nightingale voice who managed to make women of at least three Turkish generations fall in love with his songs with the dialect of Turks living in Germany, is also originally from Edirne. - By the way, we think he's still very handsome-

Erkan Yolaç

Erkan Yolaç, one of the most popular names in Turkey, is also one of the smiling people of Edirne, who has forgotten the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ for a period and is highly respected for his smiling face and Istanbul gentleman attitude.

Arda Turan

Mentioning Galatasaray, a national team or something, after watching the game of him, he makes people adore him, Arda Turan getting up and going to Barcelona and being a talented footballer was born in 1987 in the territory of Edirne who have taken the share of self-ending skills.



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