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What To Buy From Edirne?

What To Buy From Edirne?

We've sorted out our list of things to take before we make our way home from this city, whose flavor is the flavor, whose history is the history. For this reason, first of all, answer of the question of where you can find these is given as addresses of humble bazaars and shopping malls by blending together with our suggestions!

Bedesten: The oldest bazaar in the city is located in the Sabuni quarter. There are a wide variety of shops to buy mirror broom, Edirne kari and mis soap.

Ali Pasha Bazaar: One of the oldest bazaars... Here you can find souvenirs as well as clothing and accessories stores. You can also buy Edirne cheese, Kavala cookies and marzipan.

Selimiye Arastası(Ottoman Bazaar): It is next to the famous Selimiye Mosque. It is home to many shops with its authentic stance and is very crowded because it is central.

Erasta shopping center, Margi Outlet and Edirne Park Shopping Center offers services.

The answers to the question what can be taken…

Edirne Cheese

The reputation of this cheese, which is greasy and delicious due to its abundant and high quality milk in the Thrace region, has spread throughout Turkey.

Edirne Cookie

This flavor, also known as Kavala cookie, is actually a common cultural product of two neighbouring countries, Greece and Turkey. This cookie contains plenty of almonds and is being the flavour of peoples in close relationships during the history process.


It is one of the indispensable desserts of Ottoman palace cuisine. Moreover, the source of this dessert known all over the world is Edirne.

Mis Soap

Fragrant fruit soap was first produced in Edirne and dates back to the 1600s. In the meantime, let's also mention that fruit soaps were included in the group of valuable gifts presented to palaces and statesmen in Ottoman times.

Mirrored Broom

It is a lovely gift prepared by the people of Edirne with their craftsmanship, symbolizing that they have daughters in the age of marriage, with mirrored brooms hung on their doors.

Edirne Karı

Products such as wood, cardboard, leather with this decoration, which means’ Edirne work', can also be evaluated in the category of souvenirs.



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