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Architecture of Edirne

Architecture of Edirne

The architecture of Edirne, which has been the pupil of the Ottoman Empire for centuries, was also shaped during the Ottoman period and has come to this day bearing its traces. We will examine the most beautiful and special architectural structures of the city. Let's see what details stand out in the architecture of this irresistibly beautiful city.

Sinan's Master City

Enez (ainoz) draws attention to the ancient settlement of Edirne, the Roman and Byzantine periods with artefacts... But the architectural fabric of the city is mainly Ottoman artefacts. The works of Edirne, which were formed by the traces of the last points reached by the Ottoman Empire in architectural creativity and which have known to come so far, are mentioned as important in terms of architectural value all over the world, and take the influence of those who see it.

In fact, the Ottoman architecture in Edirne first dates back to the era of Çelebi Sultan Mehmet. Then Sultan II. Murat comes second and Sultan Beyazid further and it continues with II. Mehmet and many others... The Magnificent Sultan Süleyman should not be forgotten about establishing the architectural order of this city, Sinan The Architect Agha, which caused the name of Edirne to spread all over the world by Selimiye Mosque called as "master work" by him should not also be forgotten…

Lots of people and what powerful names have passed through this land... Each of them left traces of the Ottoman Empire! The architectural beauty of Edirne, which smells Ottoman all the way from its gardan to its mosque, its complex to its old houses, does not end with its traces. The appetite for reinforcing academic language does not rise and life is not enough. Let's end our article by talking about the feelings we feel in Edirne.

When you're on the shores of Meriç, you're surrounded by a singular solitude and a plural totality.…This city and its mosques, baths, complexes, train station and countless other architectural beauties, scrutinizing and examining the splendor of this city make you lose in your thoughts. The architecture of Edirne, which evokes the impression that you are passing through the doors of a disappearance towards reinvention, although reinforced by Sinan the Architect, today contains the love and knowledge of all the Ottomans.



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