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Natural Beauties of Çanakkale

Natural Beauties of Çanakkale

We have compiled for you the most beautiful natural wonders of Çanakkale, which has a strait of its own and bears its name, 55 percent of its territory is made up of forested areas-which is thus referred as one of the most forested cities in Turkey - from the coast to the forest, from the beach to the air to a flood of Insatiable natural beauty. Welcome.

Dardanos Beach

Dardanos Beach, also known for its proximity to the city centre, is one of the first places that comes to mind as one of the most beautiful sightseeing spots in the city as well as its easy transportation, promises you a legendary sunset identical to Mother Nature. Don't say it's an ordinary beach! You will also admire this natural beauty.

Biga Creek

Biga Creek, surrounded by lush green forests with its natural beauty around it, is considered to be one of the most enormous natural beauties of Çanakkale. In this unique place where the most magnificent shades of green and blue come together, you will feel like you are entering through a door that opens to peace, we tell you.

Mıhlı Falls

Did someone tell you this city just owns a strait?! No, I mean, if he said something like that, it's a total lie. This natural wonder, which is located in the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale and which is especially frequented by photography enthusiasts at all times of the year, will make you either a photographer or a poet.

Marmaros Falls

You can't come all the way to this city and not go to Gökçeada. Especially not to come all the way to this island and get caught up in the splendor of the Marmaros waterfall! One of the indispensable points for those who want to get away from the crowd and read a book in a calm and peaceful environment, the Marmaros waterfall will surround you with its peaceful arms.

Cheese Cliffs

When you see these cliffs, we can swear you won't believe Mother Nature ever create something like it! The cheese cliffs are one of the most magnificent natural beauties of Çanakkale, waiting to be discovered as if every square inch was hand carved.

Laz Bay

Watching the sunset over the wispy sands against Greece? Of course only address is Laz Bay. You can also feel the iodized calming smell of the sea, as well as the calm and unique peace of the sunset, solely here.




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