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Celebrities of Çanakkale

Celebrities of Çanakkale

Greetings, sir, from our article about the famous Epic City. No need to gibble-gabble Come on, let's move on to the point.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Although his name Marks on Turkish and world cinema with a film that won many awards, master director Nuri Bilge Ceylan got famous after he got the best director award at the Cannes Film Festival. We are announcing that he is from Çanakkale sir, for your information.

Aliye Uzunataoğlu

Aliye Uzunataoğlu, who is one of the most valuable actors of Turkish theatre and who took years of age by defiantly adding beauty to its beauty, is also one of the eminent names of Çanakkale.

Beyti Engin

Did someone say comedy? Even though he is a talented actor in almost every branch, Beyti Engin, who is associated with comedy genre by the Turkish people, is one of our names who has gathered the talents of Çanakkale within his body.

Ercan Bostancıoğlu

Well, we've come up with another master name. Ercan Bostancioğlu, also known as” firebug Ercan", who endeared the puzzle to the Turkish people, whose vocabulary in Turkish cannot be expressed in numbers, is one of the most important of the famous people from Çanakkale.

Barış Çakmak

Bariş Çakmak, the actor who established a throne for hearts with his performance in the series “Fikrimin ince gülü”, is also one of the handsome and talented figures of Çanakkale.

Pelin Batu

Ahh ah. Artists and thinkers flow from this land! Pelin Batu, who has remained on the agenda for years with her speeches that have endeared philosophy to Turkey, and who has reinforced her reading habit in Turkey with her books, is one of our beautiful Pencils of Çanakkale origin by his grandfather.

Şahika Ercümen

Şahika Ercümen, a national athlete who has represented Turkey in the field of freediving all over the world very successfully, also obeys Ataturk's word “a healty mind in a healty body." She made whole country proud.We wish you a permanent success.

Derya Can Göçen

The spirit of this city is sportsman! Derya Can Göçen, the world freediving record holder, is one of our beautiful names who can not get enough of the sport and successfully represents her country all over the world. We wish you a permanent success.

Vatan Şaşmaz

Vatan Şaşmaz, the most sane and fun name of the morning generation programs of Turkish television, is also our name, which has continued his life by embodying the traditions and customs of Çanakkale and has endeared itself to all Turkey.

Sinan Akçıl

Especially in recent years, young girls' favorite handsome pop singer Sinan Akçıl is one of the successful and popular names in Çanakkale.



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