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What To Buy From Çanakkale?

The center of Çanakkale, Turkey's second city with its territory on two continents along with Istanbul, remains on the Asian side of the Strait, while the Gallipoli peninsula is located on the European side. Of course, when you take into account Gökçeada and Bozcaada, also connected to Çanakkale, and when the historical and natural beauties of this city are involved, the answer to the question ‘what is taken?' can cover different areas.

When shopping in Çanakkale is mentioned, almost everyone thinks of the Aynali Bazaar, which is called sorrowful Çanakkale folk song. And yes, the Aynalı Bazaar still remains popular for shoppers, especially when it comes to souvenirs.

Now let's come to what you can get from Çanakkale…

Tomato jam: With its unique smell and taste, the tomato of Çanakkale has made its name known to the world. Another thing that makes its name known to the world is tomato jam! This jam, especially sold in Bozcaada, will be a good shopping proposition.

Ceramics: Although the influence of the factory located in the city, ceramics are important in this geography. You may not be able to resist the allure of ceramic products such as vases, pots or cups. But wrap it well so that your beautiful ceramics are not wasted on the road;)

Carpets: The carpets of the regions such as ÇANl, Bayramic and Ayvacık are very famous. Wool and cotton carpets are made with their own weaving technique. Yellow color is used more often in Ayvacık and Yenice, while the use of this Color is not more common in Çan region. Mainly herbal motifs were used in Çan carpets and these motifs were named by local women according to the compositions they formed.

Ezine cheese: The most important issue that makes cheese cheese is milk. But the milk of sheep, goats or cows that breathe the air of the Kaz Mountains and feed on natural plants and water sources is different... The taste of Ezine cheese is wonderful!

Bozcaada wines: Bozcaada wines, produced from vineyards spread all over the island, are now known not only in our country but also in the world. There are several manufacturing companies on the island. If you wish, you can buy wine from shops in the island centre.

Gelincik Shrubs: Between the May and June in the countryside, weasel flowers are collected and ti is made. It is refreshing and is mostly sold in the Bozcaada region.

Bayramic rowing Helva: Halva in Çanakkale is famous in the town of Bayramic. It attracts all attention with its lightness of flavor known as red halva.

Efi almond cookie: The Efi almond cookie of Meydani Pastry Shop is very famous. This cookie used to be made by Greeks living in Gökçeada at Easter and Christmas. You can get it from Canakkale center or Gökçeada.

Olive and Olive Oil: In terms of olive production, our country is among the most important countries in the world, the ones grown in Çanakkale is very famous, as well. In the region where more succulent olives are grown, the production is done completely organically.


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