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Natural Beauty of Bursa

The Lord has given as much as he has given, and he has not officially said to deprive Bursa of a wonder of nature! We have listed the most beautiful natural wonder places of Bursa which have separate historical monument and a separate natural beauty on each side for you, here they are…

Inkaya Çınarı

I swear, if we didn't get this plane in the first place, it wouldn't have happened! Seeing this huge plane, which is 600 years old, will make you feel that you are in a city blessed by Mother Nature... Height of the Inkaya Çınarı, one of the oldest trees in Turkey, is only 35 meters tall! Think of the rest of you ...

Uludag National Park

Uludag National Park, the sought-after face of winter tourism, is a unique Indian fabric, especially for those who like to ski. This natural beauty, which is the most tourist destination in Bursa during the year, is perfect for those fleeing the chaos of the cities.

Lake İznik

How could we sleep if we didn't add the largest of Marmara and the fifth largest lake in Turkey to this list? We said no way, and here it is, right in front of you! This natural wonder, whose beauty is legendary and even protected by being declared as a site, will be in the top five of the’ 10 Reasons To Love Life ' List.

Uluabat Lake

Greetings from a protected beauty, Sir. Even the number of fish species detected so far in Uluabat Lake, which fills the eye with its variety of living things and feeds the soul, is 21! This lake, which contains all kinds of creatures, from Pelican to Cormorant, from Stork to Red Hawk, is a treasure that nature has offered us!

Bird Sanctuary

The bird paradise in Bursa, which is indeed a heavenly place like its name, is home to countless birds. This natural beauty, which always manages to be of interest to photography enthusiasts, will not be missed...

Suutçu and Saitabat Waterfalls

There are two waterfalls, one in Mustafakemalpaşa and the other in Saitabat, both of which are magnificent, and now it's up to you... whether you get caught up in the sound of the water, or enjoy the scenery, it's up to you... But whatever you want, remember that you will find it in the presence of these waterfalls!


We wanted to add especially Gölyazı, which is a place where nature and history coexist, mingle, and become one... Reflecting a singular plurality, which evokes the transition from loneliness to being crowded is not enough to be mentioned... It is a natural wonder.…


There are many more natural beauties of Bursa that do not have descriptions in this list... We have chosen the most preferred ones only for you. But we would also like to mention Ayvaini cave and Sadağı Canyon. If you would like to explore Bursa, we would also welcome you to our Bursa routes.


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    23.03.2023 08:50

    Kayak yapmak için Milli Parka giden varmı ?

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