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Appetizing By Nature, Artvin's Fabulous Flavour-Filled Plates

Artvin's appetising nature blended with the influence of surrounding cultures and adorned his tables with bursts of flavour. Of course, Anchovy in Artvin, the indispensable address of Black Sea tours, mihlama(kind of omelette), black cabbage are famous, but there are many other flavors that carry the bar up in terms of local flavor. You will find answers to the questions of where and what to eat for this region, where the food culture is affected, especially with its neighborhood of Erzurum, Kars, Rize and Georgia.


I think it would be appropriate to call this a type of ravioli unique to Artvin... Although it is said to come from Georgian cuisine, it has already succeeded in becoming Artvin's local dish.

One of the best places in Artvin to experience this flavor is Kuşçu's place. You can also enjoy the Artvin view with its warm stove.


In fact, it is a kind of toast with eggs in it, but you must taste the bomb. Served with chilli pickles, this snack can be a great choice for your small breaks. The location of Bomber Burhan, or Burhan Usta, is among the ideal places to taste it.

Karalahana Sarma(Wrapped)

You must eat Karalahana Sarmasi, one of the most consumed vegetables of the Black Sea, when you come to Artvin. The flavour of this wrap is growing more and more in businesses that offer home meals prepared as if they were motherly. Meroli Meroli Ev Pansiyon & Yöresel Tatlar, one of the place serving local dishes, is one of the best places on the Borçka side.

Salmo Trutta Macrostigma

How about a magnificent spotted trout that you can eat from the creek, not the farm? But beware, this fish is served on certain days of the week and for dinner at the venue we recommend to you. And if you call from the front, the fish are hunted according to the number ordered. The Highland views and air of the Tema guest house are a good alternative to grilled fish.

Milk Pudding With Rice (Sütlaç)

Sütlaç made in Artvin can compete with Trabzon's famous sütlac! Although it is difficult to decide which is better, the rice pudding of Keyf-i Ziyafet, which is on the descent from Kararagöl, is among the delicacies that can be tried.


One of Hopa's most famous pita salons, Crystal Pita is famous for its fried egg and vegetable pita!

Cağ Kebab

Don't people ever make a cağ kebab in a place like this next to Erzurum? And this one here is pretty ambitious! You will go to Dede Cağ kebab, one of the alternatives where you can eat Cağ kebab. Here, this flavor is made special for Ardanuç and ends before noon!

Among the places where you can experience many of the local delicacies and choose more for breakfast, we can recommend Şavşat Evi. Cheese melt, silor and a savory bun kete (danish style filled flaky pastry) are famous here.


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    Silor yedik efsane güzel yapmışlardı bayıldık resmen.


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