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Artvin's Celebrities

We have compiled for you the most known celebrities of Artvin, where countless talented names have emerged from the beautiful lands.

Kazım Koyuncu

Not if we didn't talk about him first. The unforgettable name of Black Sea music being the late Kazım Koyuncu is from Artvin. The Master Singer Koyuncu, who knew how to make all Turkey love himself with his songs, his kind personality and his smiling face, died at the age of 33, but left behind works that will always be remembered.

Şevket Çoruh

Mesut Commissioner, theater actor Şevket Çoruh, who even took his surname from the geography of this place, is another name Artvin blessed with his talents. At the same time, it is the actual representation of the most diminutive 'Kavuk' in Turkish theater, because of the greatest importance that everyone has. Finally, let us state that the 'Fes' is in itself.

Niyazi Koyuncu

Niyazi Koyuncu, the brother of the late Kazim Koyuncu, is also one of Artvin's famous voice artists. Following in the footsteps of his brother, he adopted the principle of making Black Sea music known to all Turkey and even to the world.

Cengiz Kurtoğlu

Cengiz Kurtoğlu, one of the most important representatives of the fantasy-arabesque music style in Turkey, is a master musician, pianist and singer who has received his talents from the land of Artvin's Mother Nature gift.

Nejat Alp

Our artist Nejat Alp, who loved Taverna music to Turkey and whose smile never went away from his face, is one of the eminent names who carries the air and water of Artvin in his veins.

Volkan Demırel

The most well-known goalkeeper of the Fenerbahce team, Volkan Demirel, known for his good temperament as well as his benefactor, is also a talented and handsome one of Artvin's.

Ilhami Atalay

It's not for nothing that the natural beauty of this city makes you an artist. Here you are, a talented painter; Ilhami Atalay. In England, Spain, France and Switzerland there are also numerous exhibitions of the name, which have even done studies on paintings, tapestries and textile objects.

Sinan Meydan

Originally a historian, but today both the author and the owner of a publishing house and continuing his work within a newspaper Sinan Meydan being jack-of-all-trades is from Artvin.

Ayşegül Yılmaz

Ayşegül Yılmaz, one of the second stage actors of the television theatre, which was made after 10 years, is today our lady from Arhavi, the beautiful woman who is exhibiting the most acclaimed sketches in the comedy category of all Turkey.

Ibrahim Selim

Ibrahim Selim, who has been acting for years and is very popular and talked about with the program videos he has shot on social media, is one of the names whose efforts are highly known and appreciated in today's Turkey.

Resul Dindar

One of the most successful representatives of Black Sea music today, especially loved with its sincerity and harmony in its voice, Resul Dindar born in 1982 is also one of our famous icons of Artvin, the Pearl of the Black Sea.


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