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Those Who Announced Artvin's Rhythm To The World

Those Who Announced Artvin's Rhythm To The World

The people of this region are unknown, but music is absolutely different for the Artvinians as it is the sine qua non of the Black Sea People.

The first horon comes to mind when the Black Sea is mentioned, of course, but even horon here is different for Artvin people. Artvin also has a must-have instrument when performing local music. Like an accordion jumpsuit. Or drum, zurna, baglama (instrument with three double strings), kemencha and mey not necessarily hear the rhythms... Here are also the Horon of Artvin, varies according to other regions. That's not enough, and the difference is reflected in their dance. For example, there is very fast shrugging and no foot shaking, with the movements of the whole body, there is pressing the feet hard on the ground. The instrument accompanying the Horon is not the kemencha, but the jumpsuit and accordion.Women play horon with fast and hard movements at least as well as men.

Artvın is a Kazım Koyuncu…

Black Sea's unique folk songs, local music is also famous, but what about the famous one from Artvin! Kazım Koyuncu was born on 7 November 1971 in Yeşilköy, Hopa District of Artvin. However, he passed away in his 30s due to cancer.

Artvın is a Cengiz Kurtoğlu…

Cengiz Kurtoğlu, one of the most important representatives of Taverna music in our country, is from Artvin. Born in Arhavi in 1959, the famous musician still appeals to millions.

There are many actors, theatre players, footballers, politicians from Artvin, of course... But we are focused on the music side as a matter of fact. May the arts of Artvin musicians and artists always live and live the tunes of this people, sir...



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