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The City That Impresses With Its Nature: Artvin

One should not forget that Artvin is a city with a biosphere reserve area. Accordingly, it is the apple of the Black Sea’s eyes. We have compiled for you the most enchanted parts of this city famous for its natural beauties, from our point of view, let's just go to our list without belaboring the words.


Consisting of six villages, the Macahel region is the most abundant oxygenated place in Turkey, consisting of untouched forests. Admittedly, transportation to the area is a bit difficult, but this wonderful place of nature, where you feel nature covered over you like a blanket, is far above the natural beauty you can see.

Şavşat Karagöl

This source of grandeur, whose charm is at the highest level due to its secrecy among the fir forests, proves how great Turkey's natural beauty is, even though it feels like Switzerland at first sight. You will also be amazed at this quiet place with many walking paths around it.

Borçka Karagöl

Borçka Karagöl, a Landslide Lake, is an enormous landslide that has been in a sweet conflict with Şavşat Karagöl since time immemorial with its beauty, which is referred as “paradise place”. You said to yourself, " Am I having such a beautiful dream right now while I'm sleeping in peace?"in Borçka Karagöl, which we are sure you will ask, you will take your hat off against the art of nature.

Barhal Creek

Barhal streamlet, also known as Altiparmak streamlet, is the most beautiful place in Artvin-Yusufeli. You can also ski or rafting at the streamlet which meets the leisure and sports needs of the sporty visitors. Surrounded by high mountains, streamlet continues its journey from the southern slope of the Kaçkar Mountains to a valley and from there to the Çoruh River as if to greet its lovers like Queen Elizabeth.

Karçal Mountaıns

The Karçal Mountains, which form a natural border between Georgia and Turkey, have a magnificent structure with its rich vegetation and lush green appearance. The Karchal Mountains, which are also home to glaciers and glacial lakes, are also noted for their wealth of wildlife and endemic plants. This place is also unique for trekkers in the nature of Indian fabric.

Papart Valley

The valley, which reflects the delicate beauty of Şavşat with its numerous bird species and variety of plants, gives those who want to take pictures with the taste of postcards in each square centimeter. Papart Valley, one of the most important points for tourism in the Black Sea region of Turkey, is one of the natural beauties that people who come to Artvin can not return without visiting them because they know that they will remain in the feel regretful.

Çamburnu Nature Reserve

This park, located in Hopa district, will make you feel as if you are entering through the door of a different world with yellow pines covering the left and right sides of the road leading to the beach. The peaceful and mystical feeling of Çamburnu Nature Reserve, which has a natural beauty that is almost untouched and absolutely unspoilt, will take you in.

Mençuma Falls

Mençuma, which is the largest waterfall in the eastern Black Sea, is one of the beauties of Arhavi waiting to be discovered. According to the narratives of the locals, Mençuma waterfall, whose water is believed to bring healing, is a physical healing, but we guarantee that it will be the healer of your soul.

Yıldız Lake

You will not believe your eyes when you see the beauty of Yıldız Lake, which is the perfect quality for those who want to be bored with the noisy and crowded environments of the cities and be alone with nature!


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    29.03.2023 09:07

    Artvin doğasıyla şelaleriyle ruhunuzu bedeninizi dinlendire bileceğiniz yerlerden biri.


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