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Reasons to go to Artvin

Reasons to go to Artvin

Our hard-line followers know that these articles usually have reasons to go, but this changes when it comes to Artvin. You won't get a chance not to go because this city attracts you especially with its natural beauty. This time we will examine the reasons not to return.

Şavşat Karagöl

The first reason for this is undoubtedly Şavşat Karagöl! Now, sir, first of all, every square foot of Artvin is like a beautiful postcard place. Especially the waterfall of Şavşat ... Words are not enough to explain, but who wouldn't want to wake up next to such a beauty every morning?!

Overseas Ease

When you get bored, you can easily head off to Georgia.See how you're experiencing a major cultural shift with a little distance in a short period of time. Yeah, I'm talking about Georgia. It changes from period to period, but there are times when there are more Turks than citizens of the country in Georgia.

Laz Pastry

I don't want anyone to tell me that I do this at home and eat it. It doesn't work like that, everything is good in where they come from. Even for the LAZ pastry that makes you eat more and more, you do not return, you can never return from this city.

Streets Full of Bagpıpes

Keep your ears open! When you're strolling the streets of this city, you'll be hearing bagpipes from somewhere at any moment! Who can leave the beauty of this natural music, as if spontaneous music?! And you can play horon any time you want. No one here can find you odd, especially not in such a matter. So don't worry.

Freshness of The Sea

You won't find the freshness of seafood of Artvin anywhere else. Remember that you will want to avoid returning to this beautiful city where you can consume fresh seafood whenever you want.

Artvın's Icon: Strong Fresh Brewed of Tea

I could have sworn I wasn't just saying it to rhyme. One of the landmarks of this city is the brewed black tea. The friendly and hard-working state of the beautiful Black Sea people who collect it will give you the feeling of being one with this place.

You Can Enjoy The Sea Whenever You Wısh

The air of this city is never in such a soggy humid heat, but it is still another taste of going to sea at the Kopmuş Beach in Hopa amid the sweet breeze of summer.

All Kinds of Culture Together

Artvin's distinctive and magnificent historical structures, which are home to countless cultures and civilizations due to its historical background, are one of the most beautiful elements of this city.



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