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A Tradition in Artvin: Bullfights

A Tradition in Artvin: Bullfights

The famous bulls of Artvin and the opinionatedness bulls born of the glory of Artvin even crossed the Highlands ... For 38 years, these festivals have been held to watch from all over the world, but let's get your attention immediately, these wrestling is never like those in Spain, does not contain any violence.

In case you haven't heard of it, I'll tell you the story of the Bulls wrestling, the symbol of Artvin. Are you ready to hear this tradition that has been organized in the Caucasus Arena for years and which thousands have come to watch, which will allow you to look at your life from a different window?

Forest Law Applies Here

Artvin makes a difference with its nature and air, there are robust animals, everything remains organic in a beautiful geography... In this geography, people have been engaged in field work for centuries. They always kept at least a pair of oxen in the barn for hard work such as ploughing the soil, beating the threshing, and young bullock to have a spare.

However, when the season turns from winter to spring, it is possible to contain the bulls that were raised in the Highlands! You all know that stubborn Bulls, they love to outmaneuver each other, so they get into fights. Whoever tried to intervene could not stop the bull, the Bulls kept fighting until one of them perished... so of course, the Artvinians came together and tried to find a solution. Because the animals wouldn't stop until they were destroyed.

The Artvinians thought, moved, and came to a decision: since we can't stop the Bulls from fighting each other, at least let them fight in a flat place!

The bull, who is the first in the fight between their colonies, gets the title of ‘Chief Bull’ at the end of this fight and all the resentments end and the air of peace and friendship Reigns. For three months, all the Bulls on the plateau follow the leader, the Chief Bull, but his power is worth a thousand shepherds! It is easy to know the Chief Bull, who protects and looks out for everyone else... After his victory, the leader who is proud of his right to walk, to be respected and even to show himself will give you the convenience of contraction. By the way, the law of the Jungle is in their lives... Not only does the head Bull lead the pack, but the first mating with the cow is given to him before all the Bulls.

They All Have Character

These bulls, born and raised in the Caucasus District of Artvin, all have character, just like the people you know! Who lost the race among the Bulls, on one side secretly it cries I'm telling you; you can't believe it, right? And yes, family ties are so strong! You can tell when you look into their eyes that their owners are not separating their bulls from their children. Neither those bulls nor their owners have separate informants.

It's Different For A Bull To Eat, To Drink, Even To Stand

The Caucasian bulls are on a pre-race diet because they will participate in the race. Even the grooming of Bulls, whose diets are hugely popular in the city, is clockwork! Our friends who started the day at 08:00 by eating water-soaked barley and dry grass and drinking water, get the same menu again at 13:00. They love being groomed for 20 minutes after lunch at a personal care point but Horn care is number one on the list! Their owners fix their horns by preparing hot dough and repair the openings in their nails with special tools.

Okay, Artvin's plateau, air, water, food is unique and special! But the bulls that are given such importance are, of course, the most intimate and warm symbol of life that makes Artvin Artvin and keeps the festival alive...


  • rumeysacakmakk
    29.03.2023 12:02

    İlk defa böyle bir etkinliğe katıldım değişik bir deneyim edinmiş oldum. 🙃


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