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II. Paradise of Attalos: Antalya

II. Paradise of Attalos: Antalya

They say that the King of Pergamon, one of the most important figures of the Hellenistic period, lived between 159 and 138 ad. II.Attalos commands his soldiers: "go and bring me paradise on Earth!", when the soldiers meet Antalya according to this order, they decide that this is exactly the kind of place they are looking for and inform Attalos here. Attalos was erected immediately a city in which a place seems like Mother Nature's house, the capital of nature and such a beauty. Although this name is mentioned among the dusty pages of history as ‘Antaliye’ in the parts dominated by Arab culture, and ‘Adalya’ in the books in which the sources of Turkish history are established, Antalya comes to the present day.

Antalya is one of the oldest settlements in the history of humanity.... That is, Antalya at that time, which we are talking about, is about 30 kilometers away from today's center... It is obvious that this land even 500 thousand years back from today's date, when humanity came across the Ancient Stone Age is seen to have the land as a rare blessing.However, the City Construction developed, its trade strengthened and it became one of the most important port cities in history

The ancient city of Patara, which was found in 1988 and is today regarded as one of the most valuable places in the world by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, has taken a very important place in the historical scene.The construction of Patara, which corresponds to the 13th century BC, gives us information about Antalya in those times, the lives of the people of that time, as well as their daily routines, as well as their beliefs and commercial morals.

We need to mention that the Hittites lived between 1267 and 1237 B.C. in the Lands of Antalya ... Raids from the sea after the Hittites collapsed according to the Greek mythology is said to come to this land ... then when the Trojan wars began Aka tribes, Kalkhas, Amphilokhos, Mopsos and Pamphylian civilizations come to Antalya and originally they established Perge, Sillyon, Aspendos and Selge…

Time passes, dates change, and calendars indicate the 7th century BC. For a short period of time, first the Rhodians would come to this land, then the Dorians, then Kumluca and Phaselis, also known as Çıralı... Why then the Byzantines would come and take this place. The dates mark between the 5th and 7th centuries BC. In Antalya, which is home to a Byzantine culture that can be considered quite long-or we can call it Rome because it was split in two afterwards - the Byzantine Empire, which was separated and turned into the Eastern Roman Empire when the Arab attacks began, encircles the city with ramparts. Not enough, she builds a very special and very well trained army. Thus, Antalya has grown and developed with the Roman culture under the auspices of Rome for many years.…

Now we have come to the 11th century ... the Anadolu Seljuks State is based at the gate of Antalya in this century. Takes the city, Turkicises the ancient city. Then the I.Crusades begin. In 1097,the Byzantine takes the city from Seljuks, Antalya is not a place to be given up so easily, Seljuks attacks again and takes the beautiful city back on March 5, 1207. Thus the city begins to Turkicise completely…

When Anadolu Seljuks State fell apart in time, Antalya, which came under the patronage of many different Anatolian Turkish principalities, fell into the hands of the Ottoman state towards the end of the 15th century. After this date, Antalya does not lose any value from the Turkish culture, from the Turkish population, nor from many other ethnicities and accumulations. It gets stronger, it gets better. And as it grows stronger, it becomes what it is today.

Although under the occupation of the Italians during the period of the national struggle, the group formed from the elders of the city gathered at the House of Yörük Ali Efe, the most famous name of the city famous for its nomads, and organized a meeting where they decided to protect the city against the Greeks of Antalya. Then the Great Offensive and finally the Republic…

Antalya, one of the most important settlements in the Republic of Turkey, continues to exist today as a city engraved in minds as a holiday destination all over the world and has always known to admire itself with its dazzling history.



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