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What to Buy from Antalya?

What to Buy from Antalya?

You should bring plenty of photos in Antalya, for example, listening to the rumbling of waterfalls, canyons while rafting, caverns while visiting, seeing ancient cities, enjoying Mediterranean cuisine... But the answer to the question of what you should bring from the city is hidden in my writing!

Antalya is beyond a city, perhaps heaven itself! It seems that Mother Nature has set up a store of natural beauty here ... Well of course, the civilizations that have lived in the city for centuries have left all their heritage to Antalya! The culture that evolved from them also left its unique flavors competing with French and Italian cuisine ... well of course, what else do you get ☺

So, before you return from your vacation, What do you need to return to Antalya to remind you as you look, to ease your longing as you use it?

  • Magnet
  • Leather goods (sandals, handbags)
  • Authentic items
  • Rug
  • Figurine
  • Handcrafted, stylish jewelry
  • Fruit and vegetable jams
  • Carob molasses.

So, Where Do We Get These?

First of all, no matter which district of Antalya you go, whether it is Kas or Konyaaltı or Alanya, it doesn't matter! You can shop with peace of mind from the colorful, small but abundant gift shops along the long coastline, where you can find handcrafted products and authentic items, of course, magnets.

Of course there are also traditional, historic bazaars in the city. You can find everything from handmade products to jewelry and local food products, especially in these bazaars where the people of Antalya shop in person. Tailors, shoemakers and leather shops are also here.

And there are shopping centers like Laura mall, TerraCity. In Antalya Turban Marina, you can find local and foreign brands and products such as food, perfume, fashion accessories and belly dancing costumes.


Before coming to the end of our article, I want to talk about a topic: when shopping for carpets and antiques in regions such as Antalya, remember that the export of these works is prohibited according to Turkish law. Historical monuments 100 years old or older are forbidden to be taken abroad. Do not be fooled by vendors who suggest otherwise to you.


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