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Natural Beauties of The Capital city Ankara

Natural Beauties of The Capital city Ankara

Okay, we know it. Every city around Turkey is more precious, beautiful and special than another. However, Ankara is the capital! It is way more attractive because of this. Moreover, it has so many natural beauties that we cannot underestimate! We have compiled the natural beauties of Ankara for you, here you are.

Kuğulu (Swan) Pank

Alright, it is a bit a cliché start, but haven't the clichés become clichés because of their high popularity? Anyway, no more questions, we are the narrators. Frankly, it would not be sufficient whatever we tell about this destination... The park where the swans dance in harmony is the destination of peace, the gorgeous photos and tranquillity in Ankara... If you are looking for nature, here is nature, and if it is beauty, it is the best!

Eymir Lake

It is the number one choice of the people in Ankara who want to get away from the city’s noise, chaos and the beeps... And while the trees around the lake offer the best tone of the autumn yellow, they are as green as grass in the spring... Nothing can be compared to the joy of having a glass of tea on the lakeside of Eymir. Its atmosphere takes the soul to the peace on the shadows of the trees reflected on the lake... It feels like nature and beauty are gathered just for this place...


As well as its natural magnificence, Gölbaşı also has a historical value... The forest where Mongolian Emperor Timurlenk hid in the Ankara War back then in 1402 is the forest around Gölbaşı. It does not matter whether your aim to visit Gölbaşı is to remember the Ankara War or to take many photos; you should see this destination.

Ihlamur Valley

Ihlamur Valley is a great destination identical with nature offering a bucket-load of alternatives from the walking trails to bikeways, from resting areas to the sports areas... It is impossible not to feel the naive beauty of nature at this destination with various details!

Uyuzsuyu Waterfall

Even though it is a frequent destination of the camp lovers, Uyuzsuyu Waterfall is one of the must places visited for the one-day trips, and we cannot explain enough how the splash of the water is relaxing and peaceful! This is the essential destination for the ones who want to visit a magnificent place, a place representing the heart of nature.

Of course, there are tons of destinations which lay the natural beauties of Ankara at your feet, but we cannot list right now... We have only listed a few; the rest is on our routes.


  • muratball
    23.03.2023 08:10

    Ihlamur Vadisi 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • s15Q3PUB
    18.10.2022 13:09

    Ihlara mı ıhlamur mu :)

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  • 9GFXlaPx
    20.07.2022 17:34

    ıhlamur vadisi

  • z14Mj0SJ
    18.07.2022 12:19

    Ihlara vadisi Aksaray'da 😉


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