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10 Reasons To Go To Ankara

10 Reasons To Go To Ankara

Ankara is the body of the Ministries, headquarters and many important institutions which only you click online; but it is beyond just a link. The people of the other big cities in Turkey say that "There is no sea here, I cannot live there", but the one talking is actually their grudge about Ankara. However, after they start to live in Ankara, they feel it is impossible to be away from it. Ankara, this megacity, deserves a significant interest as it has been the home to the most ancient civilizations.

Even though it is a metropolitan, only the recent years have brought the traffic along (actually it adds maximum 15 minutes). This city is full of such important buildings, artifacts and structures that you certainly need to see them! Okay, Ankara's winter is grimy; its cold is nothing you have experienced. You have to wear thick clothes for sure, but guys, 'Gardaş' in Ankara saying, Eiffel cannot give you the romance which you can feel at Kuğulu (Swan) Park while snowing! And the summers are no different; Ankara is a refreshing city offering humidity without sweating and cold waters on its taps. Do you think it is just a couple of lovers propose in the summer nights in the presence of Ankara's Atakule? Of course not...

Anyways, before we reach the climax of the romance, I will list why you should visit Ankara. And Ankara's culture cannot be explained, only experienced!

1- Firstly, we have to go to Anıtkabir to pay our respect to Atatürk if we are visiting Ankara! It is indeed every Turkish nationals duty to visit the mausoleum. This is number one!

2- Still standing with all glory and known to be built by the Galatians in the 2nd century BC, Ankara Castle will teach you how many civilizations have lived on this land. And this is number two...

3- The biggest around the world, the Presidential Campus is a must to see for its all aspects. So this is number three...

4- As the city of museums and parks, Ankara offers you as various and many museums and parks as you cannot visit all. However, you should definitely see the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and Kuğulu (Swan) Park.

5- Beypazarı and Kızılcahamam are must-to-sees! And you should try Beypazarı pastry for sure...

6- You should have a glass of tea in Gölbaşı.

7- If you visit Ankara during the harvest season, you should taste the great fresh chickpea.

8- And as for the food, Ankara is famous for its döner!

9- Ankara is not Ankara without Atakule.

10- The ones wishing to witness the political history of Ankara can visit Ulucanlar Museum of Closed Prison, which is known for the death sentences in the 80s.


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