Flavor Stops

Flavor Stops

Flavor Stops

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Have you ever tasted the pearl mullet, which grows only in the lake of Van, cooked in a tandoor? Have you also eaten Van's famous liver in meatball form before? 

In this case, we will never ask for kavut (roasted and ground wheat) or something, local delicacies are the tricky part of the job. Then our route begins where we can relax our stomachs and taste Van's unique dishes!

Even though, it is known with its breakfast and its herby cheese, Van is a city that consumes its own flavors with its own cooking methods Eating the grill of the fish that you will not find anywhere else is an unforgettable experience! However, let us say from the beginning, you need to give up counting the kilometers from your location to experience this wonderful flavor. Well since we are in Van, let us eat these flavors one by one.

We have prepared a delicious route from breakfast to dinner and even dessert afterwards. Moreover, at the end of our journey, you will not feel heavy and you will not even need to drink soda. Let us get started if you are ready for these dishes that are all delicious and enjoyable to eat!


  • QjVceDNp
    12.04.2022 19:17

    Van kahvaltısı ve otlupeynirin yanısıra yöresel keledoş, tandırda Van balığı ile ayran aşı, acem köftesi, erişte aşı, sengeser, murtuğa, kavut, Van çöreği diğer belli başlı yöresel yemekleridir...

  • mfk
    13.04.2022 10:36

    keledos olsada yesek:)

  • livaneligezgin
    13.03.2022 04:27

    Van çöreğide oldukça lezzetli


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