Can’t Get Enough of Discoviries

Can’t Get Enough of Discoviries

Can’t Get Enough of Discoviries

19 Gezi Noktası
545 Km
714.864 Adım
21.795 Kalori

This is an ancient city with dozens of must-see places, quite magnificent and dazzling, full of beauties that cannot get enough to satisfied to explore. We have prepared an incredible route from the most obvious of Van's little-known beauties to, "how can I plot a route and travel to every part of it?"

First of all, we think you cannot resist the hazy and engulfing atmosphere of history and we think you have plenty of time. We think you may need at least two days off on this route.

What exactly does this route contain? With van's works dating back thousands of years, we have prepared a route that will surprise even the most insatiable explorers with its flying fish, its huge lake called the sea, fairy chimneys and travertines.

Well, how about to know Van a little first?

First we need to understand the location of the city. The city is located north of the Murat River (Upper Murat), within the closed basin of Lake Van. The fact that it has plenty of water and Mesopotamia is seen as the gateway to Anatolia causes it to host countless civilizations. It has such a strong geopolitical position that Van's civilizations have competed to be here.

The Hurrians first came to this land and reigned in Van from 3000 BC until their destruction in 2000 BC. Then, principalities appear in the city. Until the 13th century BC, the principalities of Urartu and Nairi sprinkled their culture on the fertile lands of the city. However, the Assyrians want to dominate the city and exert great pressure on the Nairi and Urartian principalities. The two principalities, who want to unite and become a single power rather than fall, unite by the 9th century BC and establish the Urartu State at Tushba, also known today as 'ancient Van'. Tushba and its surroundings begin to reach the highest points of cultural, political and commercial wealth after this date. Waterways, canals and dams were built by King of Urartu Ispir, son of Sarduri. Even today, the foundations of the Van Castle, which still stands intact, were laid in those years. The policy of 'uniting not to fall' saved people and left us a glorious story of culture and history.

Those who want to look closer to the city's history before following our route, there is a blog we have written that indicates information about Van, named "From the past to the present of Van-How has the fascinating cultural richness in Van become?" 

Our first stop, of course, is this city's legendary 30-course breakfast. Let's go.



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