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Quick Tour Essentials of Van

Quick Tour Essentials of Van

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Even if you have less than a day to visit the “Paris of the east”, you will be able to see all the wonders of Van with our route called “Explore Van in limited time”. During our journey, you will also pet the Van Cat and go to Van Castle. You will be fascinated by the view of the world-famous unique Lake Van, you will not get enough with the discovery of the history of this city, time for this route is limited!

Do not worry, the majority of our destinations are covered by artefacts found in the center of Van. Surely, in less than one full day you will have completed all of your visits.

In case you wonder, "Well, everything is fine, but what exactly are we going to do on this route?" let us go through a brief summary. 

First of all, we will start our tour by seeing the historic Van houses. We will visit an exquisite museum that bears the traces of this city's glorious history and reveals its evidence. Then we will take you up to its castle, one of the symbols of the city. Lake Van, which takes its name from the city where it exists and holds the title of being the largest lake in Turkey and has no intention of leaving it to anyone will also be in our tour. The monastery in the middle of the lake the 'Van Cat House', which is protected in a private house are not forgotten on our tour. For sure, we will not forget to eat during the trip.

Those who want to look closer to the city's history before our route say, "from the past to the present of Van, how did the fascinating cultural richness in Van come about? "Let us explain more in detail in our blog post. Then, we will start our trip with our first point.

There is plenty of places to go, and we do not have time. We do not need verbiage, either. Come on, let us go. Our first stop is the historic Van houses.


  • iDDbtOuh
    18.08.2022 17:33

    Bir VAN' gibisi daha yok valla gerckten'de Dogunun parisi ✓

  • l3EQQn2w
    20.03.2022 09:10

    ne için


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