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Flavor Stops

Flavor Stops

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It is rumoured that Kastamonu is the first city to introduce doner kebap to our national food literature. Also, the most fabulous Kuyu Kebab (meat cooked in an underground pit oven) is made in this land. Of course, there are some surprising flavours of this city too such as tirit, meat bread. Don't get confused. Although they are unique to Konya, the taste and presentation of these are different here! Advising you not to forget drinking soda water, we start tasting Kastamonu flavours at the taste stops.

Kastamonu cuisine, which turns the blessings given by its nature into a taste on its tables in its most organic form, has exciting dishes. Are you ready to recognize Kastamonu cuisine, whose names as well as their preferences are very different? 

If the answer is yes, let's give you some brief information in advance. For example, let's talk about what we will do on this route, what you will taste. First, we will take you to the place where you will have a good breakfast with all the organic products of this city. Let me give a little spoiler we will take you to a farm. In our route that we recommend starting early in the morning, you will both taste tirit and kuyu kebabı, and also have a soup. You will shop in Covered Bazaar and visit museums. And you'll do it all in just one full day. From breakfast to lunch, from snacks to evening banquet, we have created our route with scrutinized efforts so that you can find everything! In this route that comprises 13 different sightseeing points in total, you will only need to travel for some miles at our last point to visit the most favourite address of the taste. Therefore, we recommend that you take your private car with you. After giving information, if you're ready, we can start! Our first stop is Izbeli Farm.


  • barbaros
    28.04.2022 07:25

    güzel yorum fazla açıklama yok


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