Are You Ready to Pedal on The Longest Beach in Anatolia?
Are You Ready to Pedal on The Longest Beach in Anatolia?

Are You Ready to Pedal on The Longest Beach in Anatolia?


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We have prepared a route that will give you peace with its beautiful beach, which is one of the most ideal places for cycling in İstanbul and will help you do cardio on the other hand. 

Maybe you've been down these roads before, but this time you'll learn a lot you didn't know. 

You are never too old for cycling. Moreover, it is obvious that people who pedal both maintain a healthy form and are more energetic. Did you know that cycling, one of the only sports activities that can work for all muscle groups at the same time, reduces the risk of cancer?

This is a "basic" standard route which is not too sloping over the coastline that is the pearl of Anatolian side. If you didn't do exercise so much before, you may get a little tired. But don't leave it halfway! Because we're sure you'll make it!

We have put breaks on our route, but if you get tired from time to time, you can give your own break for short breaths but not too long.

Meanwhile, the more tired you get, the better... because at the end of the day, remember that you will have good cardio and get fit. We want to share the information given by Stanford University. ‘Cycling during the day helps to streamline your sleep.' Of course, it is not really necessary to give Stanford University as a reference for this. You already know that when you return to your home or place of residence in the evening and lie down after taking a shower, you will sleep like a log.😉 After all, you'll find out that you have learned new things from a very different perspective…

We'll start on our route soon, however, we want to make some reminders before. The helmets, knee pads, armbands are completely for your life safety and are very important. For this reason, after your tire air and brake controls, be sure to wear the necessary accessories for this sport! Have water with you and, if possible, have a spare T-shirt and a small towel in your backpack. If you are ready for our route, which will start with breakfast in the morning, make you pedal all day, and will never miss a dinner! Our first stop is Moda Van breakfast… 


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