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Quick Tour Essentials

Quick Tour Essentials

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Erzurum is the land of warm people in a cold city… The land of the brave men… If you are in Erzurum, one of the oldest settlements on the Anatolian land that hosted countless civilizations and cultures in its history of thousands of years, you will want to explore every street in the city…

But, when you say “Let’s discover then!”, you will face an obstacle such as limited-time… The question is "where to begin?" and already takes a lot of time at the beginning. Or, you can be here for a business trip, and you have limited time again, and you look for a friend when your heart filled with excitement to see and experience this city… Therefore, we wanted to make the "valuable GeziBilen audience with limited time, to discover the treasure in the land of Erzurum too". Thus, we have prepared a particular route for those who do not have much time.  

You will see the symbolic places in Erzurum and taste the most popular dishes by the end of the day. You will also buy presents for your loved ones. During this trip, before visiting the fortress in the end, you will discover the city including the Congress Building, Three Tombs, Yakutiye Madrasah and Rüstem Paşa Caravansary in about half a day! By the way, we have not added the most popular natural attractions in the city, the Tortum Waterfalls and Palandöken to our route. We know you have limited time. But, if you have time in the end, we recommend you to see these two places as well. 

Your health is important for us… The weather in Erzurum can be cold even in the summer. Therefore, it would be good to have some extra clothes. After this warning, let's begin with the route if you are ready…


  • pelinakgl
    20.06.2022 12:00

    Temmuz ayında Doğu ekspresi yapıcam. Erzurum'a gelen var mı?


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