Following The Traces Of The Ottoman Empire

Following The Traces Of The Ottoman Empire

Following The Traces Of The Ottoman Empire

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Edirne is the second capital city of the Ottoman Empire. Do you know which world conquerors were born, which şehzades (sultan's sons) grew up in this city and which complex is among the most important hospitals in the world? You can visit the works of art, which are treated like lacework and Selimiye, which has not aged for centuries, in short, the traces of the Ottoman Empire in a single destination only on this route. 

Although Edirne has missions, such as having thousands of years of history, hosting numerous cultures and civilizations or becoming home to many different ethnic groups, its name is mentioned with and next to the Ottoman Empire. Well, why? When Fatih Sultan Mehmet, also known as Mehmet II, conquered İstanbul in 1453, he went to İstanbul from Edirne, the capital city of the Ottoman Empire at that time. However, Edirne was declared to be the capital city of the Ottoman Empire in 1365, and it was regarded to be the most significant city for 88 years. Functioning as a door opening to Europe and Balkans, Edirne took this burden, resisted difficulties with its strong character and solid structure, did not leave the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire alone. 

Although İstanbul was declared to be the capital city, Edirne, named after ‘the Second Capital City’, raised şehzades (son of sultans) and sultans of the Ottoman Empire and allowed them to benefit from the wisdom of its soil, water and atmosphere. Fatih Sultan Mehmet was also educated in Edirne. Sinan the Architect, chief architect of the Ottoman Empire and whose name was written in letters of gold in the architecture history of the world and whose works are instructed at schools, built his ‘Master Work’ in this city. 

Ranked among the significant hospitals at that period, healing its patients with water and ney sound, Darüşşifa, in other words, Complex of Sultan Bayezid II is also located in Edirne. The waters of Tunca and Meriç, eye-brightening with their grace, also enchant people when they pass here.

Today, Edirne embraces many people from different cultures, religions, races and languages. In this regard, as GeziBilen family, we have wished to follow the traces of the Ottoman Empire in Edirne. Let's examine the works built by them and get lost in history. Who knows, maybe we will take one more step to find ourselves again, and we will find peace with Tunca and Meriç.

It is not enough to tell this city, but it should be discovered. If you are ready, we can start our route that you can finish in a few days on average.



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