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Quick Tour Essentials of Edirne

Quick Tour Essentials of Edirne

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What about to see the historical treasures of Edirne, the door of Turkey opening to Europe, in less than a day?

Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 88 years, which ruled on three continents for 600 years. The complex of Bayezid II was built in this city. The Selimiye Mosque, the ‘Master Work’ of the Sinan the Architect, is also in this city. Also, the largest synagogue of the Balkans was in this city at that time. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered İstanbul, also received an education in this city. This is Edirne of which traces in our heart cannot be removed easily. If you have been to there for once, you always desire to go once more. Those who have not been to there always says “One day certainly”!

You have come to visit the city with so many important works, thousands of years of history and the most graceful of natural beauties. We know that you have only a limited time; thus, you do not know what to do. So, let's come with us. Set off together.


  • fatmahnterr
    20.06.2022 13:18

    Avrupa gezilerimin ilk durağı güzel Edirne 😇😇


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