Traces of The War

Traces of The War

Traces of The War

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Are you ready to follow the traces of the Dardanelles War, which has its history written in golden letters in the history of World War II, became notorious, and has changed the destiny of Turkish history?

Believe us; we do not exaggerate. The beginning of the Dardanelles War, where two bullets fired at each other collided in the air, and dozens of examples are exhibited even today. The battle that ended with the shout “Çanakkale is Impassable!” is exactly happened in this city.

It started under the leadership of the Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatuürk. Even today, not having the 57th Regiment in Turkey is this city  Because the whole regiment was martyred in this war. Today, in the Turkish Armed Forces, there is since the 57th Regiment Unit, but in honor of our heroes, the regiment has no soldiers. It is also why ships worldwide use the phrase "Dispatched from Canakkale!" when passing through the Dardanelles. Because every nation and every state, without exception, said, "Canakkale is Impassable!"

Canakkale tells all of its historical knowledge to its guests even today. We will run after these traces on our route. However, we have to say in advance that our route starts from the center of Canakkale. It continues through Eceabat, Kilitbahir, and Seddulbahir. So you will have separate visits on both sides of the city. On this route, you will see the legendary monuments and museums of Canakkale. From Aynali Bazaar to Trojan Horse, from Canakkale Martyrs' Memorial to First Martyrs Monument, Seyit Onbasi, Nusret Minelayer, and many more places. It may take two days for us to follow the traces of the war. But in these two days, you will see and feel all the traces of the war.


  • mustafaalii
    20.06.2022 11:49

    En son lisede gitmiştim. Şimdi yine gitmek istiyorum ama gitmeden sesli rehberi dinlemek bile harikaydı. Podcast mantığında hoş olmuş.

  • iremnisanurs
    27.10.2022 18:10

    3.gidişimde GeziBilen ile tecrübe etmiş oldum. Hayatı kolaylaştıran bir uygulama olmuş. Anlatımları ister giderken yolda dinle, ister eserin önünde. GeziBilen Rehberin Seninle!🥳


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