Quick tour Essentials of Bursa

Quick tour Essentials of Bursa

Quick tour Essentials of Bursa

11 Gezi Noktası
7 Km
9.181 Adım
280 Kalori

You came here, at the first capital of the Ottoman for some reason. Bursa is already dazzling with its nature and its historical artifacts. When you have a short time, “Can you leave without visiting the essential destinations in this city?” We said “No” just like you and have created a route that is comprised of spot-on destinations for you. 

This route covers an approximately five-kilometer area. It means you will not need any vehicle, indeed, because we will stop by 11 destinations in a straightforward way. Of course, it is your choice. Let me tell you that it is up to you to complete this route "For Those Who Do Not Have Much Time" in half a day.

Are you ready to travel through the history on this route where you can discover the symbolic places of Bursa in a short time and even visit the restaurant where the Bursa İskender was born?

A reminder, by the way, on this route, you will go to places where you will take lots of photos. Therefore, do not neglect to charge your phone or whatever equipment you use to capture beautiful frames. We recommend you to wear sneakers, and we can almost see your curious looks. 

If there is already a friendly smile on your face, come on, let's go.


  • l4XetpbbSo5q
    07.01.2024 09:41

    Çok güzel uygulama yeşil ile emirsultan arasında aşık yunisi hazretleri var yeni duzenlenme yapıldı bekleriz sizleride.

  • soltkb4gl7po
    12.09.2023 11:16

    Rotayı 2 günlük gezimizde tamamladık. Gerçekten kısa zamanı olanlar değerlendirmeli. Bursaya dair güzel gezilmesi gereken yerler var. Tek önerim biz rotanın sonundan başladık başına doğru gittik. Bu tarz düzenlemeleri yapmak için rotada değişiklik yapma yetkisi kullanıcılara verilirse daha güzel olur.

  • jhTrKuMd
    21.05.2022 08:13



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