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5 Times Prayer

5 Times Prayer

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Are you ready to do a tour of worship in this city for a whole day, from the mosques that are among the first structures of Islam in Antalya to the places of worship that date back to the Seljuk period? 

In our”5 Time Prayer Route in Antalya", we have prepared a pleasant route that we watch around the Muratpaşa district of Antalya. During our journey, which we started with the Morning Prayer, you will pass through the centuries-old plane trees and see the sacred places of worship built in the 13th century. During our route, you will also enjoy eating and walking the authentic streets of Kaleiçi.

In Antalya, the most important works of the Islamic period in was built by Alaeddin Keykubat Ist, at the time when Anatolia came under the sovereignty of Anadolu Selcuklu State in 1207. We also wanted to introduce you the examples of Turkish-Islamic architecture that have remained since the 1200s in our 5 Time Prayer route in Antalya. For this reason, we have prepared a route where you can always perform your prayers in a different historical mosque, and you can see the sine qua non of this city.

Our route, which we recommend to leave in the early hours of the morning, begins with the first prayer of the day. After that, we organized an exquisite route from breakfast to dinner and even to the museums. Then it ends with the Isha prayer. In our route, where you need to spare an entire day, all our sightseeing spots are only within walking distance of each other. Now we have given all the information. Let's start if you are ready. Our first stop is the Murat Paşa Mosque for the Morning Prayer!


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