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Reasons to visit Trabzon

Let us say we are escaping from real life and having a holiday and we choose a place from the map randomly and opened our eyes and saw the city we chose. Trabzon, where blue and green is in love, appeared in our minds as the place to go and see. It appeared in our minds but why Trabzon? Those who think what is so special about Trabzon, what can I do there !!! Here I specify under 10 items why you should take a holiday in Trabzon.

1) I think a city with exactly 4 thousand years of history should excite you ...

2) Three main historical trade routes referred to as Silk Road, Caravan Road and Anabasis pass through here

3) The place where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk wrote most of his testamentum is Trabzon

4) It is the place where Suleyman the Magnificent was born and Yavuz Sultan Selim served as Governor.

5) You can get enough of the endless green and blue here.

6) Its historical and cultural destinations are legendary.

7) The magnificent Sumela Monastery and the magnificent beauty of Hagia Sophia are also here.

8) Each district of Trabzon has its own flavor and cuisine that you will never forget.

9) You can only hear the magnificent melodies of horon and violin in Trabzon which makes you feel like you are having ants in your pants.

10) You should definitely visit the Çal Cave, which is defined as one of the largest caves in the world, as you can only see the harmony of fish here.


  • 6ePmYC59
    17.08.2022 14:44

    Trabzon arabalarla dolu çok kötü geldiğime pişman oldum

  • berkayefebalat
    14.08.2023 15:18

    Hadi gitcez bakalim guzeldir umarim

  • ALNyYh5mVmbM
    10.12.2023 18:44

    Kışın gidilir mi


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