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Beyond a Cup of Tea: London’s Extraordinary Cafes and Tea Houses

London is as famous for its iconic double-decker buses, historic buildings, and rainy weather as it is for its tea culture. However, this cosmopolitan city is reshaping the traditional tea time with modern and unusual cafes and tea houses. In Beyond a Cup of Tea, we take a look at some of London's extraordinary tea experiences.


Located in Mayfair, Sketch offers a unique concept that merges art with dining. As soon as you enter, you’re struck by its chic and surrealistic decor, providing a visual feast alongside its tea service. The afternoon tea experience in its pink room has become one of Instagram’s most photographed moments.

Cutter & Squidge

Situated in the heart of Soho, Cutter & Squidge is known for its homemade cakes, biscuits, and particularly for their "Biskie," a biscuit-sandwich-cake hybrid. Their menu, prepared with healthy and natural ingredients, is an ideal, lighter, and innovative alternative for afternoon tea seekers.

The Tea Terrace

Located on the upper floors of Oxford Street, this cafe and tea house catches the eye with its decor that seems straight out of a fairy tale. Sip your tea while sitting in throne-like chairs in a space infused with Victorian-era inspirations.


Arguing that tea is not just a drink but a passion, Yumchaa makes you feel this philosophy with every sip. With multiple locations, this chain offers different tea experiences, appealing to those who want to explore tea in a modern and comfortable atmosphere.

The Fan Museum

Situated in Greenwich and boasting the title of the world's first and only fan museum, this venue invites its visitors to an intertwined experience of art and tea. The afternoon tea served in the museum's Orangery is ideal for those looking for an unusual cultural experience.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

London's first cat cafe offers a unique tea experience for animal lovers. Here, you can enjoy delicious teas and cakes while playing with the cats that roam freely around the cafe.

Aubaine Selfridges

Ideally situated inside the Selfridges store for a break from the hectic pace of shopping, this cafe lets you enjoy the British tea tradition merged with French flavors amongst a Provence-inspired decor.

These cafes and tea houses offer much more than just a cup of tea in London; each provides a unique experience. For those looking to rediscover traditional English tea with modern twists, London’s extraordinary cafes and tea houses are certainly worth a visit. Each awaits you, bringing together the comforting and unifying power of tea with a unique atmosphere. So, on your next trip to London, why not stop by one of these spots and rediscover the story of tea from a different perspective?



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