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10 Reasons to Visit Hatay

There are so many reasons to visit Hatay, the “Crown” city of our country, with the dazzling impact of the Mediterranean climate, its historical background, its influence on mythology and of course, its cuisine.

Here are our reasons to visit this city that we would recommend to see in every season.

1- You can wonder about the history of Hatay, one of the first four cities established on earth according to a handwritten Ottoman text…

2- Antakya is such a city that a mosque can share its walls with a church, you can see a synagogue in the circle of a church too… That’s to say, you can hear the sounds of bells, prayers and hezzans together…

3- You can taste the food in the cuisine of Antakya, the second city after Gaziantep to be included in the “Network of Creative Cities” in gastronomy by UNESCO…

4- One of the world's first museum hotels in this city ... You can visit The Museum Hotel Antakya ...

5- There are three hamams, inns and mosques as well as many shops in the Uzun Çarşı which is 3,5 km long. You can go on a shopping spree…

6- You can lose yourself in the magic of the Titus Tunnels built by the Alexander the Great…

7- You can hear the legend of the Moses Tree which is 7,5 m in diameter, 21 m in periphery and 7 m high, that cover about a thousand square meters with its branches…

8- You can visit the Hatay Archeology Museum which hosts the second biggest mosaic collection after Tunisia…

9- The bay leaf soap will enhance the beauty of your skin. You can experience the bay leaf, used on the crowns of kings since the Romans…

10- You can visit Vakıflı, a village only occupied by Armenian people…


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