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Visit Gaziantep Once and Return Again; So, What Are You Waiting For?

Visit Gaziantep Once and Return Again; So, What Are You Waiting For?

What is your goal while visiting a new city? If you want to see the historical artifacts, the ones in Gaziantep are immense; or does the cuisine is in your interest area? Then you would not get enough of the food there and want more. Do you look for places for photography? This place is a scene for the movies.

I have not heard anyone who has only been to Gaziantep once... The local people are sincere, friendly and make a great effort for everything... The one visiting once always returns again! If a place in Gaziantep has been visited recently, this place is always included in the route. This person wakes up one morning and longs for Gaziantep baklava despite the early hours of the morning. He cannot resist and orders the baklava regardless of the kilometres... Anyways, as a mere form, we will list 7 reasons to visit Gaziantep

By the way, if you visit Gaziantep in the summer months, it is too hot; if you go during the winter, then it will be too cold. You can enjoy best and ideal tour in the spring and autumn

1. Just imagine the delicious smell of Antep's food of which fame exceeds the country...

2. Think about the things you can buy from the bazaars of Gaziantep with their hundreds-year-old history...

3. What about the chance to sleep in the historical inns?

4. And it is a fact that the second biggest mosaic museum around the world is stunning!

5. This city received its “Gazi” (Veteran) title during the Independence War.

6. Antep Castle still sheds light on the city’s history.

7. What about starting your day with Beyran Soup and katmer (crisp-flaky pastry)?


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    En sevdiğim şehir, çok uzun yıllar yaşadım bu şehirde, mutlaka gitmelisiniz.

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    2012 ye kadar güneydoğunun parisiydi 2012 den sonra mültecilerin parisi oldu kendi memleketim olmasına rağmen ben bile başka şehre göç ettim şehir çok güzel fakat içindeki mülteci sömürgesi şehri şehirlikten çıkarıyor


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