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25 Gift Ideas From Accessories To Local Tastes In Erzurum

You cannot leave without shopping in Erzurum, the land of the brave men, on the hills of Palandöken! You can find endless handicrafts in this city, also famous for its local cuisine.

Although the people of Erzurum prefer shopping malls, they get their local products from the Rüstem Paşa Pasajı (Taşhan) or Kars Bakkaliyesi. We will give some information about these places, then we will list some gift ideas for you.

Rüstem Paşa Pasaji (Taşhan)

Rüstem Paşa Pasajı also known as Taşhan among the public is located just at the city center. The historical bazaar was made in 1561 upon the instructions of Rüstem Paşa, the Grand Vizier of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent.

You need to visit Rüstem Paşa Pasajı especially to shop for prayer beads, accessories and jewelry made of jet stone.

The address is Menderes Cad. next to the Erzurum Ticaret Lisesi, downtown Erzurum.

Kars Bakkaliyesi

You can find the best breakfast foods in Erzurum in Kars Bakkaliyesi. This place has all organic products from varieties of cheese, honey and butter which are among the top local tastes.

The address is Bakırcı Mah. Pelit Cad. downtown Erzurum.

Forum Erzurum

Famous brands have their shops in Forum Erzurum which creates the modern view of Erzurum with its contemporary architecture. This is a good stop to shop and have some fun in Erzurum.

The address is Solakzade Mah. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bul. No: 43 Palandöken/Erzurum

Here are the locally marked products you can buy from Erzurum:

1) Jet Stone Products

2) Copper Products

3) Products made of Erzurum Ehram Fabric

4) Lavaş (Acem) Bread

5) Stuffed Kadayıf

6) Su Böreği

7) Clay

8) Wax

9) Erzurum Kıtlama Candy

10) Erzurum Akide Candy

11) Çaşır

12) Aşoti

13) Ekşi Pestil

14) Hınıs Beans

15) İspir Beans

16) Erzurum Ketesi

17) Noodles

18) Göyermiş Cheese

19) Civil Cheese

20) Farm Cheese

21) Honey

22) Butter

23) Mulberry Molasses

24) Horis (Cheese Halwa)

25) Fried Meat


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    Horis alıp denemelisiniz normal peynir helvaları gibi değil.


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