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Bursa: The City Famous with its Baths

The most healing baths that have been in our culture for centuries are located in Bursa. In this city, which is famous for its spas, it is necessary to arrange a holiday for sightseeing and another holiday period for its baths and spas. Because this is the city with the highest number of baths in the world!

In Bursa, a bath was built in all the complex built by sultans or famous commanders. According to Evliya Çelebi, there are about three thousand Palace baths in Bursa in the 17th century. Of course it's an exaggeration... but there are baths everywhere. Even the public baths, which are out of use, are now either bazaars or cultural centers.

Its hot springs also have such a beauty! Each has its own water and benefits different areas of the body. One is good for skin diseases with the sulphurous nature of the water, while another is good for bones caused by the temperature of the water.

I will now list the major prominent baths and spas in this article. However, if you want to make a route from these baths, you must experience the route that is related to Bursa baths in the ‘Route’ section of our application. Believe me, you'll win a lot.

Bursa Baths

  • Bursa Historical Çekirge Sultan Bath
  • Dayıoğlu Bath
  • Kaynarca Bath
  • Kadi (Thursday) Bath
  • Çakır Bath
  • Çıkcık Bath
  • II. Murat Hammam
  • Timurtaş Pasha Bath

Bursa Hot Springs

  • New Kaplica Men's Bath
  • Selçuk Hatun Thermal
  • Old Hot Spring
  • Sulphur Hot Spring
  • Oylat Hot Spring
  • New Hot Spring
  • Hüsnügüzel Hot Spring
  • Grasshopper Hot Spring


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