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A Small World Bursa

Bursa, which collects everything in a region by itself in a small lens; places to visit, historical treasures, fruits of vegetables, inns, baths, local games, towels and silks, is paradise in itself!

This city is not only famous with mosques and shrines; if you want to see the snow, you can reach Uludag, if you want to enter the sea, you can head off to Mudanya ... While saying the beautiful houses being worth living, passing famous Iskender kebab by fame of its kebab, healing spas, industry, well now I have a desire to go to Bursa at the moment. Joking aside if I wrote the reasons one by one, they would create a road from here to Bursa, but without trespassing on your time, I will list the reasons why you should go to Bursa if you have not.

  • Bursa is the land where the Ottoman Empire was born, the ‘Golden Age’ of the Turks... Wherever you turn your head you see the traces of the ancestors.
  • The most famous Padishah, Sultans and princes lay to rest in their temples in this region.
  • Bursa’ peach and Chestnut is also different.
  • Both Bursa's silk and Velvet are a wonder.
  • Turkey's largest ski resort is in Bursa. You can ski.
  • Mudanya, one of the most beautiful coastal bays in Turkey, is located in Bursa. You can enjoy the sea and the sun.
  • The cuisine of Bursa from kebab to stuffed vegetables are a wonder.
  • You must experience the healing spas and the historical baths.
  • Many museums, such as TOFAŞ Anatolian carts Museum, deserve to be seen.
  • This city is famous for Karagöz Hacivat, you can only learn the history of shadow games in this city if you haven't heard what happened before.


  • EG6j3Bte
    05.07.2022 06:12

    Bursa'nın her zaman manevi bir havası vardır


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