The City of Intersection of Roads: Harran - GeziBilen

The City of Intersection of Roads: Harran

The City of Intersection of Roads: Harran

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Let's go to an old town where the roads meet! Time to take a little tour of Mesopotamia, where ancient civilizations lived, that Anatolia's trade points combined. We had a lot of fun and knowledge while preparing this route,ş full of legends and narratives. We believe that you will also embrace and enjoy it. Make sure to prepare your vehicle, as there are long distances between the works to prepare our route. Let's start when you are ready. 

First of all, we would like to tell you a little bit about Harran. Harran, which is mentioned in Assyrian sources as 'Harranum', in Greek authorities as 'Kharran', and Roman sources as 'Carrhae', means "the place where the roads meet". When you look at its geopolitical position, it is located at the intersection of the most important trade routes that come from Northern Mesopotamia and connect to the west and northwest. The fact that the trades flow between Anatolia and Mesopotamia was made over Harran for thousands of years has led to a rich cultural accumulation in this historical city. Archaeological excavations at Höyük(Mound), the first settlement of Harran, discovered traces of uninterrupted life starting from 3000 BC until the 13th century A.C. The most remarkable artefacts found in the excavations belong to the 6th century B.C. 

Come on; pack up whatever equipment you have to take pictures! Because on our route starting with Cevahir Inn, we will visit the monastery, visit the well, which is the subject of legends, see the world's first university and look at the throne of Nemrut. Moreover, we will stop at the most special landmarks that make Harran is Harran. Anyway, let's not give you too many clues; do not forget to get your best phone chargers.

If you are ready, our course begins in all its glory!



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