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Quick Tour Essentials of İzmir

Quick Tour Essentials of İzmir

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You are in the Pearl of the Aegean, and the Princess city of Turkey! You have managed to allow yourself to visit and see Izmir, the favorite of the Turkish people, but do you have a short time? At this point, we have prepared a great route for you.

We will eat at the famous Söğüşçü in the city, we will visit the ruins of the city, we will also go to the Ethnographic Museum to understand the yesterday and today of Izmir; we will even do a quick shopping. But this won't be enough! We will also see the clock tower, one of the landmarks of Izmir, relax and refresh in Konak Square, and take some pictures. Remember, we don't have much time. Let's start our route, which will take a bit more than half a day at maximum!

If sneakers are put on and laces are tied, if the phones' charges have reached 100 percent, and if you also have a curious smile on your face, we can start!


  • Emre Basaran
    28.08.2021 12:18

    Herkese tavsiye ederim çok güzel bir yer.

  • ftma
    10.11.2022 06:48

    2 gün içine sigdirabilirsem ne alaa . canim izmir 😍

  • melekbakan
    09.06.2022 08:28

    Şu çok zamanı olmayanlar rotası acayip mantıklı. zaten bi yeri gezmek için günlerce vaktimiz olmuyor yillik izin haricinde. . iş güç sadece hafta sonu var. Ya bi de İzmir'de gün batımı enfes beee

  • muratozturk68hotmail
    21.03.2022 21:16

    İzmir'in en önemli simgelerinden biri. İzmir'e gelip de görmemek olmaz.

  • pixis35
    23.03.2022 19:23

    İzmir'in sembolü


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