The Walking Vessels of Fatih

The Walking Vessels of Fatih

The Walking Vessels of Fatih

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It is time to experience the epic event of the conquest of Istanbul which was the dream of Ottoman Empire for generations, prepared for many years, and gave Mehmed II the title of ‘Conqueror’.

In this conquest, a first time in the history of the world; ships were moved over the land and launching to the coasts of Golden Horn. So, in this story which has been told for years, what was the route of these ships exactly? Come on, let's live the glorious history of the conquest process as if we were in those days and take a look at the historical artifacts on the ship route that has been developing since then.

Get ready to push the limits of your imagination. Our time machine-like route begins, which will take an average of half a day..


  • M.F.K
    13.01.2022 18:36

    The ottomans were amazing. Fatih was such a smart Sultan

  • pith
    20.06.2022 09:14

    hali hazirda cesmenin kurnalari tophanenin sarapcilari yatmasin diye kirilmistir, cevresinde 3 yildir suren bir cevre duzenlemesi kaldirim yapma etkinligi vardir. istanbul kanatlarimin altinda filminin bir kismi cesmenin onunde kurulan sette cekilmistir

  • melekbakan
    09.06.2022 08:21

    iki hafta önce İstanbul'un fethinde yaptım rotayı. Ayaklarıma kara sular indi ama değdi 😀😀

  • muratball
    27.06.2022 10:43

    Gidip en çok gezmek istediğim rota bu

  • Vindo Games
    08.09.2021 15:32

    oldukça başarılı bir giriş olmuş. İstanbul'a gelir gelmez deneyimleyecegim.

  • Kenan Yıldız
    19.08.2021 18:48

    Sesli olarak dinledim enfes gorunuyor. Istanbul'a gitrigimde deneyecegim ilk rota.

  • ICJ40RHB
    04.05.2022 11:53

    büyüleyici bir yer


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