Back Streets of Beyoğlu

Back Streets of Beyoğlu

Back Streets of Beyoğlu

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Mighty Istanbul. Beautful Istanbul. Its stone and its earth worth gold, Istanbul. Beautiful in its all aspects, crowded in every way and seducer with all aspects. Shall we have a tour in the back streets of Beyoğlu, one of the most touristic regions of this ancient city?  If your answer is ‘’yes’’, let’s start.

With its seven hills, history, fragility, talling in the sadle as uprising to the great powers, and with its people,Istanbul is a whole. . ‘’If we think as a human body, its heart is Beyoğlu.’’ they say. We are starting just from this point with you to make you hear the heartbeats of the city.

On average, you will tour the back streets of Taksim in a half day and visit the works of Beyoğlu that make it famous. You will see lots of places from Taksim Maksemi to Pera Museum, Mısır Apartment to Hagia Triada and Greek Orthodox Church. Furthermore you will enjoy the magnificent tastes of Beyoğlu. 

There’s no need to talk much. Let’s go.


  • Muhammet Aldaghma
    12.08.2021 09:45

    Beyoğlu en sevdiğim ilçelerden biri , çokta mükemmel anlatmışsınız , tavsiye ederim 👏🏼

  • yahoocom
    16.03.2022 03:30


  • ANoq0gtVfwMI
    30.01.2024 11:00

    Emek var. Harika olmuş.

  • İstanbul Elyakut
    01.09.2021 11:34

    Rota genel itibariyle Taksim meydanından tünele doğru düzenlenmiş ve güzel detaylandırılmış ama bilhassa Pera Palace Hotel'in yaşattığı retro hissiyat oldukça hoştu. Denendi, tavsiye edilir.

  • Samet Özdemir
    21.08.2021 18:58

    Denenmesi gereken bir rota 👏🏻


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