Flavor Stops

Flavor Stops

Flavor Stops

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You came to Hatay, but you think where and what should be eaten between your tours? Do not you believe that we have created a pleasant route for you, so you can both eat and travel. While tasting the local delicacies of Hatay with their original presentations prepared by master chefs, our full gastronomic wonder route is waiting for you.

Hatay is known as the "City of Civilizations" for hosting many cultures throughout its history; it is still a city where people with different beliefs live together even today. Well, as such, the city, which is a bridge between the Southeast and the Mediterranean, reflects its multiculturalism to its cuisine. Its reputation is no longer in the city sights and borders; the local dishes of Hatay, which cross the country's boundaries, are known well.

We will start our course with unique tastes, plenty of options, and a legendary breakfast that would make kings jealous. We recommend you to minimize your portions at our flavor stops before starting our route. If Turkey were a house, Hatay would certainly be the kitchen of that house.


  • 3vcR3OsP
    18.03.2022 13:35

    Sultan sofrası yöresel lezzetleri ile gerçekten Antakya'nın yemek yenilebilecek en iyi yerlerinden biri...

  • 3Rty1cOC
    27.03.2022 20:26

    Meşhur Hatay yöresel ürünlerini %5 indirimli almak için www.hataystore.com Hediye kodunuz: gezibilen

  • mfk
    08.04.2022 22:48

    künefeciyi beğendim, otantik bir yapısı var:) Hatay resmen bünyede fazla kalori yapıyo


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