Regional Flavor Stops

Regional Flavor Stops

Regional Flavor Stops

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Let's just say you should get up very early in the morning to be ready for our route, where we will taste the local flavors. Because in a gastronomic city like Gaziantep, we will do a flavor tour the way locals eat and drink. That's why we have to be at the first stop of our route at 07: 00. We will be waiting for you for a unique flavor tour.

You may not have heard this information before, but when the French invaded and surrounded the city during the war of Independence, Gaziantep was able to stand for months without any food aid. So, when we say that the cuisine is rich, we mean it

After all these years since the independency War, Gaziantep has never run around in circles. It is the first city in Turkey which get into UNESCO's 'Creative Cities Network' in gastronomy. We will now travel through the atmosphere, where these wonderful smells rise from all sides, to taste the most popular flavors by the local people. If you're ready, let's go!


  • kaplanibrahim
    24.04.2022 09:53

    Gaziantep çok ucuz

  • samet
    20.06.2022 18:23

    Gaziantep’e geldiğinde kaloriyi düşünmeyeceksin. Kenni şımartıp akışına bırakacaksın ki yediğinden keyif alabilesin. 😎 Fiyat konusunda gayet lezzetine göre yerinde.

  • mustafaalii
    20.06.2022 11:41

    Uygun diyelim.

  • eleganthome27outlook
    31.03.2022 03:13

    Gaziantep çok pahalı bir şehirdir

  • tugcenidabulut995gma
    19.04.2022 13:10

    inanılmaz pahalı bir şehir

  • mustafaalii
    20.06.2022 11:43

    Pahalı yer görmek istersen yazın Fethiye'ye gel.

    12.04.2022 10:36


  • mustafaalii
    20.06.2022 11:41

    Çok genelleme olmuş.

  • sRF4Rva5
    29.05.2022 07:54

    pahalımı ucuzmu karar verin aysonu ordayım

  • mustafaalii
    20.06.2022 11:43

    Arkadaşlar fiyatlar ne ucuz ne pahalı. Gayet uygun. Milleti yanlış yönlendirmeyin.

  • mlNAp1MS
    03.07.2022 14:28

    eskilere göre pahalı yenilere göre ucuz.


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