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Flavor Stops

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Our very enjoyable and delicious route is waiting for you… where you can visit the historical places of Erzurum, which makes its talents talk especially with its taste in meat dishes, with its most magnificent desserts and where you can take lots of photos!

Erzurum, where livestock farming is of crucial importance, is one of Turkey's most significant areas in terms of animal products. On our route, we will taste the most famous dishes of this beautiful city covered in snow in Eastern Anatolia, which is filled with unique tastes of the Anatolian cuisine. 

Our route,  we will experience the essential local tastes of the city, from Cağ Kebab to doner kebab, from soups to filled kadayif. The tour has been organized to complete on a single day… You will start the trip by having a bowl of soup early in the morning, and we have carefully designed your every meal until the evening. 

We have also integrated the prominent places near our food stops into our route, including the Erzurum Congress Building. Let's start if you are ready for Erzurum's flavors; our first stop is the Soup House of Sulfettin Usta…


  • Halil Yetim
    23.08.2021 13:11

    Çağ Kebabı olsun başka lezzet olmasın 😍

  • Fuat
    09.02.2022 09:41


  • Ayla Korkmaz Alişarlı
    03.11.2021 14:14

    Erzurum da yiyeceğim diye başka bir yerde cağ kebabı yemedim .gittiğimde ilk cağ kebabı yiyecegim🥰


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