Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Being one of the most authentic cities in Turkey, Gaziantep's Botanical Garden, founded in 2009, is a natural treasure intertwined with nature in the center of the city. The Botanical Garden is home to many different types of plants from Turkey and the world as well as Gaziantep's plant presence in the wide area. In this way, it is aimed that visitors can recognize the presence of plants on a global scale while creating the gene source of plants. In this context, certain trainings are arranged for primary, secondary and higher education students by the municipality of Gaziantep. In the garden, plants such as species, genera and fatherland are introduced at the required scale. The garden, which is full of plants depicted with many informative labels, also preserves and reproduces some endangered species. In fact, this process is among the primary objectives of the Botanical Garden. The Botanical Garden, where every shade of green comes together with the most beautiful harmonies, is among the places where local and foreign tourists in Gaziantep feel the most intertwined with nature and want to take a photograph the most. This garden, which is known to take away the visitors of the Rose Garden, has a place in the permanent memory with its fragrances from the essences of even the most beautiful and most expensive perfumes. You know, because the smell is the last thing that's forgotten in human memory. In the Botanical Garden, where there is a different aesthetic feast in the garden of water plants and mystic plants of the Far East and in the garden of zen, the visual grace carried from Turkish history to the present day in the Ottoman garden draws attention to beauty as well as medicinal and endemic plants. However, the Japanese Garden in the area also offers its guests a unique experience in a different concept.

Botanical GardenBotanical GardenBotanical GardenBotanical Garden


  • sudekilic
    06.10.2022 06:55

    Kent merkezinde Türkiye'nin en büyük parkı olan 100. Yıl Parkı içinde pek çok park, yürüyüş yolları, çocuk parkları, spor alanları, kafeler ve heykeller yer alıyor. Bu parkın bir bölümünü oluşturan Kavaklık Parkı içinde Botanik Parkı bulunuyor.

  • ySB2zOMQ
    25.03.2022 13:21

    Pazar günleri açık mı ?


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