Museum of Turkish and Islamic works

Museum of Turkish and Islamic works

Museum of Turkish and Islamic works

The first museum in Edirne was founded in 1925 as a result of Atatürk's initiatives. The lack of a second Museum in such a special city, which had been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for many years, was palpable. This space was filled to some extent by the Museum of Turkish and Islamic works. Because the palace had a serious impact on folk arts, the city in particular had an ethnography-intensive position. The Turkish and Islamic Museum has made the cultural heritage in the city permanent. When a new museum called The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography was opened in the city on 13 June 1971, the museum, which had been in the Dar-ul Haditha Madrasa until that time, began to house the Museum of Turkish and Islamic works directly. Together with new works from both donations and excavations, the museum soon acquired an important collection. The works in the Museum of Turkish and Islamic works are presented in chronological order. Glass items and inscriptions from the Ottoman period are noted in the hall at the entrance section. A significant majority of the inscriptions in this area were compiled from madrasahs, fountains or mosques located in Edirne. Tombstone samples collected from graves in the garden area attract visitors. Especially the examples of Janissary tombstone are seen as quite valuable because they are rarely seen. In the same way, ball and cannonballs used during Balkan war in the garden part add color to the collection. The museum has 14 separate rooms and also has four galleries. Some of these rooms can be listed as Kırkpınar room, Tekke goods room, Sock room, processing and inscribed sheets room, tile and ceramic room and glassware room. It is possible to visit the museum until 19.00 in the evening during the summer period and until 17.00 in the winter period. You can visit the museum, which is open every day of the week, free of charge.

Museum of Turkish and Islamic worksMuseum of Turkish and Islamic worksMuseum of Turkish and Islamic worksMuseum of Turkish and Islamic works


  • acelyaabasar
    26.10.2022 13:41

    Müze kart geçerli Selimiye camii külliyesi içersinde kalıyor, çok güzel ve merak uyandırıc, teşekkürler 🇹🇷👍🏻


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